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Five Tips for a Successful Bridal Makeup/ Hair Trial

It's the age old question when it comes to Bridal beauty; To have a trial or not to have a trial. As a bridal makeup artist for the past 10 years, I will have to say there is no right or wrong answer and it really is a personal choice. I will say conducting a trial helps the artist to get a better insight on who you are; and as such is able to create a look that is more cohesive with your personality and wedding vision. On the other hand, an experienced artist is more than capable of creating your desired look without a trial, provided that you share your vision and photos/ videos of yourself with them.

My advice is to ask yourself these questions to help you make a decision.

  • Can you afford the additional expense of a trial?

  • Do you have the time to accommodate a trial?

  • Can you be characterized as someone who is picky and/ or indecisive?

  • Do you have a specific way that you need your makeup to be done?

  • Is your desired makeup look, very different from what you usually wear/ like?

  • Do you trust your makeup artist to create your desired look?

  • Will not knowing how you will look on your wedding day make you anxious?

  • Do you have concerns as to whether your desired hairstyle will suite you or if your hair is able to accommodate the style?

If you have decided to do a Makeup and Hair Trial; here are 6 Tips to help you prepare:

Tip #1 - Bring Inspirational Photos

You want to gather at least 3-4 inspirational photos. As I usually tell my clients, you can like elements from each photo, you do not have to like the entire look. Eg. You can like the front of a hairstyle on one photo but not necessarily the back. You can like the blush on one photo but nothing else. As long as the combination of all the photos create a pretty accurate vision of what you desire.

Tip #2 - Schedule your Makeup/Hair Trial early

Scheduling your trials earlier in the day allows you to wear the looks for at least 6-8 hours giving you a pretty good idea of how your hair/ makeup will hold up on your wedding day. You can also make notes for your beauty team. Do not schedule your trial too close to an event (eg. rehearsal dinner). This will allow enough time for the artist/stylist to perform any adjustments if necessary.

Tip #3 - Wear White & Bring your Accessories

Wearing white to your bridal hair and makeup trial will help you to envision that you will look like on your wedding day in your white dress ( if your dress is white). Bring all the hair accessories (including hair extension clip-ins etc.) that you will be wearing on your wedding day including your veil (or a similar one). You can even bring your earrings.

Tip #4 - Take Photos

Take photos of yourself in different lighting, with flash, natural light etc. to see how it's photographed. Different lighting produces different results.

Tip #5 - Honest Communication

Lastly, Do not be afraid to communicate and give your feedback to your artist/ stylists. This is the whole purpose of a trial to let the artist/ stylist know what is working and what is not. Let them know any reservation you may have. There are times a look will be created centered around key things you may have said, but in your opinion, it does not fit your vision, relate this information respectfully to your artist/ hairstylist. An experienced makeup artist or hairstylist knows that creating a bridal look is a collaborative effort.

Will you be getting a trial done for your wedding?

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